100420 - Time for a new project!
I know I haven't written up a guide for the glass painting stuff yet but I will. I just got so damn itchy for a new project and I thought of a great idea for the office. Ok so in the office everyone has a picture on their desk, depicting some children or loved ones. I remedied the lack of similar photos on my desk by putting a pixelated framed picture of Mega man on my desk. So now that the photo stuff has been taken care of, I realized that all of my coworkers also has their own pet flower on their desk, very mature and adulty. But I have always been terrible with plants. So how do you solve this dilemma, gamer style? A wooden fire flower ofcourse! Complete with a question-mark-box pot. I'll be start working on this soon. just have to gather all necessary material first. Gonna be awesome!

100129 - Finally an update
Wow it's really been around a year since the last update. Kind of a letdown. The cliché excuse I'm going to use here is I've had a lot of other stuff going on during this year so the nerd projects have had to take a back seat. But come Christmas and winter-een-mas, I just couldn't stay away any more :-) I've just finished three triforce themed bookmarks and my first glass painting project. A thing about the glass. I don't know exactly how common the use of the word grog is in English - most times I've heard it, it has been referring to the pirate grog. Here in Sweden, this a rather common word for any drink containing just one type of liqour and one type of softdrink. For example Rum and Coke could tyically be called a grog (or grogg in Swedish), as would Vodka and Redbull. Enough ranting though, check them out in the gallery! A guide for the glass painting is on its way.

090208 - Bead Guide Done
Finally, the bead guide is done. So if you're curious about doing some bead work, go check it out! You'll find it among the finished projects.

090204 - Gallery is a go
Just wanted to let you know that the gallery is up and running. This is what I got so far. Didn't bother to get one of those flashy flash galleries but might some day. The Bead-guide is almost finished. Only have to add some pictures. Hopefully it will be up during the weekend (I have a lot of other commitments before that sadly).

090202 - Best. Freakin. Blog. Ever.
As always, looking for new inspirational nerd art, I came across this blog called Spritestitch. This is the biggest freaking collection of Nerdcraft I have ever seen in my life. I just had to link to it from here. It almost got me turned off to this site. I mean what's the point competing with that? =) But then again. This site is all about providing the guides to do all that great stuff, displayed on Spritestitch, yourself. But if you're looking for inspiration, that is definately the place to go!

090201 - Future projects
Added a few cathegories today, only by name though. Also started on the "Future Projects" page that has mysteriously changed its name from "Suggestions". I'll start with the plastic bead-guide soon.

090131 - Getting there
So the "Finished projects" page has been added. So far though, none of the guides are there. See I came up with this site only after completing all of the projects, so I'll have to repeat them to document the steps. This will take some time but in the meantime, I'll make sure the "Suggestions" page gets up and running.

090127 - Testing, Testing
Well, the site is up. I will be giving it some more work during the coming days. First up on the agenda is actually getting some of the finished projects up to the site and atleast making all the links to the different parts of the site work.